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This search will only pick up selected data from our records, such as vessel names, historical facts or information from the statement of significance. Keep your search term simple, e.g. ‘Warrior’, ‘Dunkirk’ or ‘steamer’.



To find vessels in a specific location, select the search fields you wish to cover choosing one field only from the drop-down lists below. Please note that some vessels are entered with a specific place name e.g. Chatham Historic Dockyard and will therefore only appear in results for this field and not under the wider place name e.g. ‘Chatham’.





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Function and type

Vessels on the National Registers are arranged by type into the following functional categories: cargo vessels, experimental craft, fighting vessels, fishing vessels, leisure craft, passenger vessels, research vessels and service vessels. Click inside each box to select one or more values to search on. We recommend searching by only one of the three categories below.



Current use

Select the current use from the drop-down box below which most nearly describes the activity or ownership type of the vessel(s) you are searching for. Click inside the box to select one or more values to search on.


A number of vessels on the National Registers are available for daily excursions, can be hired for commercial activities or film-work, or are currently up for sale. To search for these vessels, select one or more of the options below.

Build date

To search by vessel build date, enter a date range below. To specify a particular year only e.g. 1911, enter this date in both the ‘from’ and ‘to’ boxes.


Select vessel construction particulars from the boxes below. Please note, that if a detailed search is made of construction details it is likely to restrict the results as not all vessel entries contain data from these fields. If no results are returned, try again selecting fewer options.

Click inside each box to select one or more values to search on.


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Choose the type of vessel dimension you wish to search from the drop- down box below e.g. Length Overall. Select whether you prefer the results to be displayed in metres or feet. Enter the range you wish to search specifying the minimum or maximum value, or both.


landing strake:

the strake between the binding strake and the top strake