This forum has been set up to allow everyone with an interest in historic vessels to exchange information.  It can be accessed from either the National Historic Ships UK's website or its sister site, the Shipshape Network

The forum gives users the opportunity to advertise parts for sale or items wanted and start wide-ranging general discussion topics. 

We have also included a restricted access area for our Members & Shipshape Trainees (MAST) Association.  This Association has been set up to bring together those individuals who have participated in a training project managed or partnered by National Historic Ships UK.  if you are a member of the MAST Association or previously took part in an NHS-UK training scheme, you will need to complete the registration form for the forum and tick the restricted access box to view this area.


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General discussion


7 hours ago
by JanellCain

Items for sale and parts wanted


2 days ago
by jullia

Restricted Access - MAST Association members only
This area is for members of the MAST (Members and Shipshape Trainees) Association only.


1 year ago
by Hannah Cunliffe