Steam Pinnace 199

3 January 2013

Steam Pinnace 199 has now passed the halfway stage in her refit in Gosport and her volunteers are now putting things back together again rather than taking them apart.

They are planning for a set to work and trials in April, with a presence at Southampton Heritage Foundation Public Open Days, a rededication ceremony in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard and the Yarmouth Old Gaffers’ Festival, all in May.

Group 199, who operate the steam pinnace on behalf of her owners, the National Museum of the Royal Navy, was recently delighted to be recognised with a 'Highly Commended' Marsh Volunteer Award for historic vessel conservation, presented at National Historic Ships UK's Awards Ceremony 2012.

The Group are looking for more volunteer crew members with a view to operating the historic vessel with two crews in the 2014 season onwards.  No previous experience is needed as they operate an onboard training programme - they are just looking for people with some time and enthusiasm.

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Steam Pinnace 199 - A Short History including further links

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