Thames Sailing Barge parade: Saturday 16 – Sunday 17 Sep 2017

5 September 2017

60 Thames Sailing barges are taking part in this year’s parade, arriving from Kent, Essex and Suffolk.  The barges will begin to arrive from 09.30am on Sat 16 Sep at West India Dock and will moor alongside Thames Quay, where they can be viewed from the quayside from the public.

They will be open on Sun 17 Sep and everyone will be invited to step onboard between 10am – 5pm when they become a pop-up museum.

The barge owners and the sailing barge community work hard keeping alive such a Great British icon and maintaining these historic vessels.  Do support them and join and support them, they need your cheer!

Those historic barges taking part that are on our National Register are:


Ardwina                                                               Ironsides                                                             Westmoreland                                 

Atrato                                                                   Kitty                                                                       Wilfred

Beric                                                                      Lady Daphne                                                      Will

Cabby                                                                   Lady Jean                                                            Wyvenhoe

Cambria                                                               Lady of the Lea                                                 Xylonite

Centaur                                                                May

Cygnet                                                                  Mirosa

Dawn                                                                    Nellie

Decima                                                                 Orinoco

Edith May                                                            Phoenician

Edme                                                                    Pudge

Ena                                                                         Raybel

Ethel Ada                                                             Reminder

Ethel Maud                                                         Scone

Fertile                                                                   Seagull II

Gladys                                                                  Thalatta

Glenway                                                              Thistle

Greta                                                                    Tollesbury

Henry                                                                    Victor

Hydrogen                                                            Vigilant


Full event details and schedule:

Map of vantage points for getting great pictures 

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