Historic Vessels in the Pageant

 Vessels selected from the National Register of Historic Vessels continued

Stork A 50 foot Customs & Excise launch built in 1926 and based on the Thames.
Streatley  Streatley An 85 foot excursion vessel built in 1905 by Salter Brothers Ltd at Oxford and operated on the Upper Thames.
Tarporley A 72 foot Northwich large Town Class motor narrow boat built by Yarwood & Sons at Northwich in 1937.
Thamesa A 40 foot motor yacht built in 1936 by J Samuel White of Cowes which took part in the Dunkirk evacuation 1940.
The Chieftain A 36 foot Liverpool class lifeboat built in 1948 by Groves & Gutteridge which served as the Barmouth lifeboat from 1949 to 1982 and saved 132 lives.
Tom Tit A 39 foot motor yacht built in 1938 which took part in the evacuation of Dunkirk 1940.
Viking Saga A 50 foot passenger vessel built in 1947 and based in Maldon, Essex.
Viscount A 101 foot excursion vessel built in 1908 by Salter Bros of Oxford.
Wheldale A 48 foot tug built in 1959 at Brentford for British Waterways as a Goole based Compartment Boat tug.
William Riley William Riley of Birmingham & Leamington A 34 foot Dungeness lifeboat built in 1909 by Thames Ironworks & Shipbuilding Company at Blackwall.

A 40 foot Silver Leaf Cruiser built in 1933 by James Silver Ltd at Rosneath.

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copper fastened:

a vessel whose plank fastenings are of copper rather than iron