Our Grants Scheme

Please note our grant system has now been updated, so please take time to read the revised pages before you apply.  For sustainability grants, applicants are required to read and understand the relevant  chapters of Conserving Historic Vessels and identify the appropriate conservation process they would adopt. For application deadlines please view our terms and rules. Due to severe budget restraints the maximum amount we can now award is £1000 or 50% ( whichever is the lesser).

Due to diminishing resources, we are not yet able to announce whether it will be possible to offer grants from our Strategic Development Fund this year.  The Fund is currently closed with the exception of those applications pending from January 2016 which will be assessed separately.  More details will be published on the grants section of our website later this year, so please look online for further updates.

With the help of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, we are now able to give small grants to vessel owners to:

Ensure the long-term sustainability of historic vessels

Eligible activities include only:

  • Conservation management planning
  • Surveys
  • Remedial works demanding specialist and expensive materials. Please note; awards will only be made when applicants can demonstrate that with the award they will have all the monies required to complete the project. Works on vessels will be decided on merit on a case by case basis.
  • Protective works (e.g. durable covers to protect vessels while remedial works are carried out)
  • Awards will normally be restricted to a maximum figure ( in exceptional circumstances) of £1000 or 50% (whichever is the lesser) of the costs.  It is critical for the applicant to demonstrate how an award will deliver public benefits as well as supporting the vessel itself.

Please note you cannot apply for funding towards fuel costs, insurance or mooring fees as  from April 2014.

In order to apply for one of our small Grants, please use our online grant application form.