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This section of the website is dedicated to reference sources which support National Historic Ships' UK latest publication, Conserving Historic Vessels (nominated for the Mountbatten Literary Award, part of the Martime Foundation's Maritime Media Awards).  This is the third volume in the series,Understanding Historic Vessels and is designed to deal with the fundamental principles and choices surrounding the processes of ship conservation.  This book is a richly illustrated 200 page volume, available in hard copy only.   Copies can be purchased online via the National Maritime Museum's shop for the cover price of £30 plus postage and packing:

The information on these web pages gives users access to a range of reference works which offer helpful guidance in the conservation or maintenance of your historic vessel.  There is an extended online bibliography to support the publication, providing a list of other reference works to consult.  A range of downloadable technical papers and case studies covering matters such as riveting, metal corrosion, protective coatings, degradation of wood etc are also accessible free of charge and will be regularly updated as new items of interest are published or brought to our attention.  Where other organisations have published material online which is relevant to ship conservation, we have created a page of links to direct you to their website.

National Historic Ships UK would like to thank those involved in the consultation process of Conserving Historic Vessels for their suggestions of items to include on these pages and also those who have supplied written material free of charge.  This is a unique resource which will continue to grow as new material is brought to our attention, so please let us know of any other papers you would like to see here by emailing

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