The Council of Experts


The Council of Experts is appointed by the Chair, drawn from across the historic ships and heritage sectors. The purpose of the Council is to act as a sounding board on key issues affecting National Historic Ships UK and the constituencies that it serves. Issues range from those relating to the National Registers which the organisation holds, through assisting with advice on grant applications, direct support for historic vessels throughout the UK (including advice on conservation, business planning, and governance) to strategic issues for the UK and Devolved Administrations’ governments.

Council Membership reflects these requirements through  experienced individuals who demonstrate exceptional conservation, technical, business management, governance and strategic planning skills. Great emphasis is placed on making links with other organisations in fields relevant to the work which National Historic Ships UK undertakes. Both the broad and in-depth levels of experience carried collectively by the Council is reflected in the brief CVs given against the names of Council members. Members from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland will be sought in the coming months in order to ensure that the Home Countries are properly represented.

The Council meets in formal session twice a year, with business conducted between meetings through correspondence, email exchanges and working groups. In the main the latter will be brought together in the light of particular sector needs. However, the Registration Group, which advises on matters relating to the National Registers, will be a permanent standing body.

Council membership is on a voluntary basis and is unremunerated. Direct expenses for attending meetings are reimbursed.