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  • General details

  • Dimensions

  • Measured between the forward and aft extremities of the hull overall excluding any spars or projections

  • Width, measured to the outside of the hull, usually the maximum

  • The vertical distance from the sheerline to the top of the central longitudinal member, usually amidships.

  • Construction

  • Hull construction

  • Hull type

  • Primary mechanical propulsion / engine

  • Engine 1

  • Engine 2

  • Builder and condition

  • Note: historical significance can be expressed in many different ways. To give you some ideas for example:

    • Has the vessel been associated with famous people or a famous event?

    • Is it a unique or a sole survivor?

    • Does it represent a significant type or class of vessel, time, period, method of construction, designer or builder?

    • Does it display technical innovation?

    • Does the vessel have some special value to the public at large or some historical; or special link to a local community?

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  • Images

  • It is a requirement of registration that you include at least one recent picture of your vessel. Up to four images can be uploaded below or sent in high resolution format to: National Historic Ships, Park Row, Greenwich, SE10 9NF.

  • Contact details

copper fastened:

a vessel whose plank fastenings are of copper rather than iron