Come on board Historic Tall Ship Zebu and enjoy a live theatre performance of Canvas & Rum. A show for everyone to enjoy, inspired by real events and set during the 1800’s as we go back in history we will be sailing between the South Sea whalers and the historical Falmouth packet ships. Experience the life of an old shell-backer who left his home in Kernow in a hurry, along the way we meet a novice sailor escaping debtor’s prison, hardy old sailors, a lady searching for a lost relative and Neptune pays us a visit.

Canvas & Rum is a maelstrom of shanties, sirens, superstitions and sea-sick sailors. Do you have the stomach to join us on our voyage? Performances are live on the beautiful Historic Tall Ship Zebu's deck, in Canning Dock. Liverpool.

NorthandSouth Theatre are performing daily - 'Canvas and Rum' on board Zebu with daily live performances from 22nd-26th August 2019

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