The West Wales and Maritime Heritage Society will hold a Welcoming Ceremony for historic Fishguard-built lifeboat Charterhouse on Friday 14th February 2020 at 11am.  The ceremony will be attended by the Lord Lieutenant of Dyfed Miss Sarah Edwards.  

The boat’s arrival coincides with the 99th anniversary of her most famous rescue – the doomed Dutch ship Hermina which foundered on Needle Rock on December 2, 1920.  The intrepid lifeboat crew, led by coxswain John Howells, carried out a heroic operation, saving nearly all the crew with just one fatality.  Their feat was honoured with the boat and crew being taken to London and receiving medals from the then Prince of Wales.

The Charterhouse Returns Trust, a group of local volunteers responsible for the boat’s care, plans to restore the Charterhouse to her former glory in time to commemorate the rescue’s centenary in December 2020.

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