European Maritime Heritage have launched a new series of webinars under the name of "Heritage Talks".  The first topic is "Caught between SOLAS and Reason: International Travel on Traditional Boats with Passengers ".  

Speakers: Anders Berg, Honorary President of EMH, and Hedda Lombardo, Chair of the Safety and Environment Council of EMH. 

About this event:

The operation of traditional ships with passengers on board is now commonplace in many European countries.  However, there are still considerable problems in cross-border traffic.  This is mainly due to the lack of uniform international rules for our vessels.

EMH started working on this issue as early as 20 years ago and played a major role in the creation of the Wilhelmshaven MOU in 2005, in which the participating countries agreed to accept harmonized safety standards of other neighboring countries for their traditional vessels.  The essential focus of the MOU at the time was to enable participation in maritime festivals, which was well accomplished and continues to be successful until today.

Beyond participation in maritime festivals, however, there is still a great need for action.  This concerns, among other things, the normal cross-border traffic of traditional ships carrying passengers or trainees.  The standard regulations for international voyages (SOLAS) do not help us, as most of our ships are exempt from them due to their design.  So, do we need an update of the MOU, an MOU II?  And what might this look like?  Or a special chapter in SOLAS for traditional vessels?  Or harmonization through European law?

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The event takes place on Thursday 15th April at 17.00 CET (16.00 BST) via Zoom.

You can join the webinar via this link: (no registration or password required, free to everybody)


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