Register now for the next Maritime Heritage Lecture from The Wellington TrustPirates and Family Life, 1680-1730

This talk, about the Golden Age of Piracy, shows how pirates were portrayed in their own time, in prints, ballads, trial reports, and early novels. There was a strong impetus to turn pirates into popular heroes – after all, some pirate voyages qualified as feats of seamanship and endurance.

But attitudes towards pirates changed with Britain’s growing imperial power, and their image was blackened to help gain support for counter-piracy measures. Unusually, this talk also gives insights into the domestic life of pirates and investigates the experiences of women whose husbands turned pirate or were captured for piracy.

The guest speaker is Dr Margarette Lincoln, Exhibition Lead Trustee, The Wellington Trust.

Dr. Lincoln is a former Deputy Director of the National Maritime Museum and also a well-respected author. Her previous books include Trading in War, nominated for the 2019 Wolfson History Prize, and British Pirates and Society, 1680–1730.

The Lecture will be hosted by the Wellington Trust Chairman, Alastair Chapman and questions by Zoom Q&A will be asked at the end of the session.  It will last about an hour with some time after that for questions and discussion. 

Time: Monday, April 19th, starting at 18.30


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