This October holidays, the Tall Ship Glenlee will host a family-friendly comedy show that will not only have you in stitches but will also inspire your family as to how they can make changes that will ……Save the Planet!

With COP26 coming up, and awareness of climate change at an all-time high, this is a unique opportunity to learn more about the subject on board a ship that was once powered by the wind -the ultimate in green energy use!

Glaswegian comic and science teacher Stephen Halkett is your host for a fun-filled interactive show on how to save our beautiful planet. 

You see, the thing is, our Earth needs rescuing from this global warming ‘thingy’.  We need to cut out those smelly greenhouse gases and we need your help!

There will be loads of games, jokes and laughter along the way and quite possibly the odd ‘bottom burp’ sound!  Oh, and there will be prizes!

Come along and together we will Save the Planet!!

Suitable for ages 5+.  All children will need to be accompanied.

Starting at 1pm on Saturday 16th October, the show will last approximately 60 minutes.  Tickets are free, but booking is strongly suggested. Please follow this link to find out more and to book your tickets.  Remember, the planet is in your hands!

Read more about Tall Ship Glenlee, one of our Shipshape Network Scotland projects. 


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