Flagship of the Year and Regional Flagship of the Year are annual awards we run aimed at operational historic vessels which raise their (and our) profile by attending public events and festivals, either at a local level or across the UK.

Perhaps you're planning your cruising programme that's in connection with an anniversary, celebration or special event?  Or a passage which is taking you outside of your regular cruising water?

If so and you believe you can demonstrate ways in which you will seek to attract wider audiences, additional visitors or the application of a new marketing activity, then we want to hear from you!

The National Flagship award is £500 together with a broad pennant and the Regional Flagship award is £250, also with a pennant.

If you're an owner of a vessel on the National Register of Historic Vessels and wish to apply, you need to outline your cruising programme for the season and detail how the grant would be used. 

See here for application form and more details

Closing date for applications: 15th March 2019