Lightships are traditionally painted in a shade of red called International Ensign Red, but if you get close to the Gloucester-based lightship LV14 Sula, she is in fact a spectrum of pink!   Her degraded colouring paints a picture of her history, such as the red patch which marks where a ladder was previously installed, protecting her paintwork from the elements. 

Now her owners, who have been restoring the lightship since February 2021, have launched a GoFundMe campaign to paint Sula red once more, and to help preserve her for future generations.  They are currently operating the lightship as a unique B&B and hope to also open her to the public for special events.

As you can imagine, a project of this size - Sula is 114 feet long - will require gallons of paint and a lot of scaffolding.  The owners hope the crowdfunder will raise £6,000 in the next 8 weeks to begin the repainting work.

Sula is the second most photographed landmark in Gloucester after the cathedral, and much-loved by the local community.  She is also much-photographed - every year several photos of the famous lightship are entered in our annual Photo Competition

With a small donation to Sula's GoFundMe, you could be part of preserving this iconic lightship. 

If you'd like to donate the cost of a tin of paint or two to help them restore Sula to her former glory, please click the following link:

Read more about Sula's history on our website.


Sula lightship