National Historic Ships-UK  have teamed up with Royal Museums Greenwich, the International Boat building Training College Lowestoft, the Association of Bargemen and Hermitage River Projects to offer a weekend of adult learning in traditional ship-keeping skills at the Cutty Sark clipper ship in Greenwich. Have a go at some of the hands on practical skills used to maintain a historic vessel and experience traditional seamanship aboard a historic Thames Sailing Barge.                                                                                       

Activities take place between 10am -5pm and will include:    

  • Planking & Caulking
  • Knotting and splicing of rope work
  • Steaming bending and roving timbers
  • Axe hewing & spar making demonstrations
  • Barge sailing

The masterclasses will be delivered by tutors and instructors from the IBTC, and will take place in the dry berth of the Cutty Sark and in the ship keepers workshop 10 minutes’ walk from the ship. This program is ideally suited to those with a keen interest in how to maintain a traditional wooden sailing craft.

Also in the weekend is an opportunity to cruise on the river Thames from and back to a local pier aboard a historic Thames sailing barge. These vessels with its distinctive spritsail rig were once a common sight on the river: however there are only around 30 left. The Association of Bargemen represents the operators and crew of these and will make a Thames Sailing Barge available during the weekend to take trips on the river and learn about operating this vessel in a traditional way.

The weekend cost is £250 and includes materials, entrance to the Cutty Sark, tutoring, lunch, and Thames Sailing Barge experience.

As an extra all those attending could all join a group supper on Saturday in a local pub.

There is also the possibility to join the Thames barge on its 2 day journey to and from London and Ipswich. Limited capacity and weather permitting only.

To sign up or for further information please go to:

Adhesives & Sealants