The charity 'Taymara' is seeking £1million of National Lottery funding to prevent a piece of Dundee's maritime history from rotting away: the historic lightship North Carr.

Taymara is hoping to secure the money to carry out repairs to the lightship which is moored in Victoria Dock at City Quay.

The ship, which was based off Fife Ness to warn mariners of the dangers of the North Carr rocks, was built in 1952 and entered service the following year.

Bob Richmond, chairman of Taymara, said: "It's been very difficult to get funding.  The work will cost about £1.2million and we are in the midst of preparing a bid of £1million of National Lottery funding.

"If we get the money it would take between four to six months to do the work as we are going to blitz the ship.

"It's an important part of the area's maritime heritage and it needs to be repaired in the next few years."

The hull and open deck areas are the most badly damaged after they were exposed to the ravages of the North Sea for 42 years.

If the funding bid is successful it is hoped to be able to use the repair work to provide training opportunities for people in areas such as metal blasting.

Talks have been held between Dundee City Council and HMS Unicorn in relation to the work to the red painted ship.

It was believed that £1million of funding for repairs had been secured four years ago from oil company ConocoPhillips, but this fell through.

Six years ago £55,000 of funding was spent on work to restore the 250-ton steel and iron vessel's superstructure.

News item taken from Dundee Courier
North Carr lightship