NHS-UK was delighted to attend the 2-day heritage conference ‘Giving the Past a Future, Giving the Future a Past’ hosted at the iconic Exchange Hotel in Cardiff this month (30th-31st May) by the City of Cardiff Council in partnership with ABP and Maritime Heritage Trust.       

The first day was hosted by The Maritime Heritage Trust and sought to highlight the challenges and opportunities for industrial marmite and transport heritage, and included speakers from across the sector including Matthew Tanner, Chief Exec of SS Great Britain; Sara Crofts, Head of Historic Environment, HLF; Emma Chaplin, Director AIM.

From our own team, Piran Harte (Policy and Projects Manager) and Victoria Wallworth (Projects Officer)   

were pleased to present on how NHS-UK has met the challenge of engaging young people and reducing the growing skills gap within the maritime heritage sector through initiatives such as the Shipshape Heritage Training Partnership projects and the brand new Historic Vessel Conservation course.

The second day was hosted by the Cardiff Harbour Authority and addressed ‘The Vision for the Future of Cardiff Bay’. Speakers from Cardiff Council presented their new vision for Cardiff Bay in the context of the story so far and we heard from experts across Europe on how they have made success stories out of similar projects.

Both days offered afternoon visits to Cardiff Bay, Cardiff Docks and the Volvo Ocean Race Village, and well as evening events on topics relating to ‘Wales - Year of the Sea’ and community heritage projects.

Thank you to everyone involved in organising this fantastic event that got minds thinking about the ensuring impact of our maritime heritage!