Historic Tall Ship Zebu, heritage and adventure since 1938, is being authentically restored and transformed with cutting edge renewable auxiliary power systems, to become the Ocean Outreach Ambassador for future generations.

The Historic Brigantine Baltic Trader, the Tall Ship, Zebu built in 1938 and berthed in Canning Dock and Albert Dock, Liverpool has been awarded a grant of £99,800 by The National Heritage Lottery Fund to continue restoration work to return the ship to its former glory.

The community Interest Company (CIC) run by volunteers, took over the custodianship of the historic vessel in January 2017.

“This funding from the National Heritage Lottery Fund will ensure that we can continue the journey to achieve our aim of completely restoring Zebu so that the local community can continue to benefit from having an historic Tall Ship berthed in The Royal Albert Docks”, said the ship’s Captain, Gerrith Borrett.

“We have gone as far as we can with keeping this beautiful ship afloat and open to the public but now this much-needed additional funding injection will pay for the second stage of Zebu’s restoration on the way to being 100% powered by renewable energy. We are very grateful to all National Heritage Lottery Fund players for making this possible.”

Zebu will be undergoing more urgent conservation and refit to achieve basic seaworthiness.The CIC’s long-term goal is to completely restore Zebu so that she can be used as a benchmark heritage educational platform showcasing how traditional sailing vessels were built, sailed and how they were used as coastal trading vessels. The CIC also wants to use Historic Tall Ship

Zebu as a sail training vessel as well as provide opportunities for volunteers to learn new and heritage maritime skills and to offer workshops to a broad range of educational specialist interest groups.

Notes to editors

Tall Ship Zebu CIC was founded by the ship’s owner, Captain Gerrith Borrett in April 2017. The Historic Tall Ship Zebu is presently moored in Canning Dock, adjacent to The Royal Albert Dock at the heart of the UNESCO designated World Heritage site in Liverpool. Since the beginning of Zebu's new journey from January 2017, she has been a great success as a static heritage and historical tourist and educational attraction in the Albert Dock, and has attracted over 30,000 visitors since January 2017.



Tall Ship Zebu