Sail Boat Project newsletter September 2020

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We hope you are all keeping well in these trying times. We have a few weeks of sailing ahead of us and we are still taking bookings for groups from the same household or "social bubble". However, we have our eyes ahead and are dreaming of an easier year in 2021, a year that gets everybody back out on the water. You can now book RYA courses, half day taster sails and choose from a wide selection of sailing trips in 2021, all at 2020 prices.

Throughout the season next year we will have regular three day Solent sailing trips to refresh rusty sailing skills ahead of a course, or just to use as a short holiday break. There are also plenty of five day trips, with several options in August for cross Channel sailing and exploring Brittany and the Channel Islands. Before all of that, Jalapeno will be making her way back from Portugal and we have two five day sailing trips out of Vigo, Spain, in early April exploring the Rias Baxas of Galicia, which are booking up already. And early May we have a five day trip along the south coast starting in Falmouth and ending back in Chichester harbour.

We also hope to have a programme of community sails back in action, something we have sorely missed this year. All bookings contribute to our Community Sailing Fund, widening access to the sea, for all.

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Gallant back in Newhaven last weekend

The one thing that has not been impacted for us this year is our sail cargo work. Our biggest delivery to date,1.7 tons of olive oil from Portugal, our fifth to Newhaven, arrived last weekend and has been landing on doorsteps around Brighton and Hove thanks to local cycle couriers Zedify, making the final miles equally emission free. Thanks to our team of volunteers who have worked hard to make it all happen. And thanks to everyone who ordered, including national orders which really helped us this year. Gallant is operated by Blue Schooner Company and once again this voyage was pulled together by New Dawn Traders. We are one of a growing network of port allies.

Sail Boat Project Stories:
Ed Carter

Senior Deputy Harbour Master
Chichester Harbour Conservancy

"There are many health benefits to sailing and boating. Whether gently relaxing out on the water or competing at high speed against other boats, the activity can be great for levels of fitness. Controlling a large vessel and adjusting constantly to the elements brings both mental and physical challenges. These include strengthening muscles, cardiovascular benefits, wellbeing, concentration, communication and spatial awareness.

"Organisations such as Sail Boat Project are key to providing access to Chichester Harbour. For individuals with mental or physical disabilities requiring specific care and attention on the water, Sail Boat Project provides an incredible and invaluable opportunity for people to experience the beauty, serenity and proven beneficial aspects of sailing. Our experience with Sail Boat Project has been nothing but positive from the outset. The team of skippers, crew and volunteers are always smiling and helpful and all involved are a credit to their company and the cause that they all so clearly and energetically support. 

"Sail Boat Project have been customers of Chichester Harbour Conservancy for many years now, taking maintained moorings at Itchenor for two well maintained vessels. Their enthusiastic and friendly team have been missed here this season and we sincerely hope that they can continue to operate, and hopefully even expand their operation in the years to come and continue to hold their valued place in the sailing community."

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