The ship sails on … and your chance to be on board

De Gallant returns to our shores soon, for the second time this year, bringing another bountiful cargo of olive oil, olives, wine, coffee and chocolate, almonds, chick peas, pinto beans, sea salt, honey … see the shop-front for more...
If you missed the summer sailing, have got through your July order, or feel the need to tell your friends and family (please do) – here’s one last chance, in 2020, to collect from the docks.
It’s been a testing year on land and the seas for us all – but we’re proud our voyage co-op model, with its direct connection from farmer to ship to YOU has kept sailing and shown its worth and resilience. Thanks to all who have supported us over these months.
Here’s the September schedule (subject to change, depending on wind and weather) ...
Friday 18th September – De Gallant arrives into Ramsgate Harbour, where friends and partners Kent Sail Cargo will be hosting a day of unloading and collections. Whilst in the harbour we’ll also trans-load the London cargo on to Sailing Barge Dawn, for the final leg of the journey up the Thames estuary.

Which is where your chance to get more involved comes in…..we’re offering the opportunity to be on board Dawn as she sails up to St Katherine Docks. Be part of these inaugural sail cargo charters – which are available for two stages of the journey ….

Monday 21st:
 join at Queenborough Harbour, Isle of Sheppey or Leigh-on-sea for the passage to Gravesend, with an unloading at Tilbury.
Tuesday 22nd: join at Gravesend for the meandering course into central London, through the Thames Barrier, passed Greenwich, around the Isle of Dogs to St Katherine Docks, next Tower Bridge.

Wednesday 23rd we will host the London collection event at St Katherine Docks for customers who have placed their orders. Online shop open **now**. Big thansk to the marina for hosting us again.

E-mail info@raybelcharters with your choice of day to book. Costs are £70 per day, £120 for both days. Unfortunately we cannot offer an overnight stay this year.

Over the autumn we will be holding some extra London events and market stalls. But not all products will be available, as we start to sell out. And remember, after that – we wait until Spring 2021, as the ship re-crosses the Atlantic!

SB Dawn is the last example of a Thames Sailing Barge with a clean swept hold and the ability to lift all the hatch boards off. This is exactly how she was built in 1897 and remained so while in trade until 1963.

She hasn’t been converted to full passenger comfort, so this is a chance to experience the working environment of a century ago, which we are re-purposing for today’s environmental challenge of pollution-free freight.