The team at Raybel Charters have shared an update on Raybel - seen here just before Christmas in 2020 looking a bit sad with her rail and iconic name plate removed but with a hopeful rainbow overhead. 

At the end of the rainbow is a sack of gold and sure enough, shipwrights Tim Goldsack and Jon Hall arrived on site and started work immediately.

There is now a rush to get the cover on the dry dock, complicated by the Covid-19 situation which makes it difficult for their fantastic volunteer crew, who have handled every job we have thrown at them so far.

There will be a detailed conservation blog in February but in the Autumn the Raybellians made a documentary film detailing the project works that need doing. You can watch it on youtube using this link.

Find out more about Raybel Charters, together with our other Shipshape Network South East Projects here.

Raybel in December 2020 (c) Raybel Charters