On November 10th the Sutton Hoo Ships Company team were delighted to celebrate a major milestone. A special ceremony was hosted to celebrate the knocking of three oak trenails through the keel and stern underloute scarf joint to join the two handcrafted pieces together. 

Here you can see Alec Newland (Treewright) steadying the trenail while Angela Care Evans knocks it into place.

Angela Care Evans is the ‘Grande Dame’ of research on the Sutton Hoo Ship, assembling the definitive report in 1975 (Chapter V in The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial). A member of the British Museum’s Sutton Hoo team, she took part in their excavations in 1965-1970 and in those of the Sutton Hoo Research Trust 1983-2005. She also assembled and edited the third volume of the British Museum’s report and published her own popular account (The Sutton Hoo Ship Burial, British Museum1986).

Their journey has been a complex sequence of research, interpretation, authenticity conundrums, identification of appropriate timber and practical hurdles such as logistical failures and a world pandemic. 

Despite having to limit numbers because of Covid, the team were delighted to share this first major milestone with members of the Press Association who helped to share the event with the world. The team were also honoured that the Woodbridge Mayor, Sue Bale, attended the ceremony. Sue has always had a keen interest in the ship and other activities that take place in the Longshed and often pops in to see how the team are doing. 

The event also became our first filming session with Tim Taylor and the Time Team, another major step in our journey.

Find out more about the how the team completed the works here.

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