The latest news from Ash Faire-Ring on the re-build of Growler

At the beginning of April we began building a new cockpit for Growler as you might remember from the last update. We are very excited to say that the framing for this is now complete and it now requires the seat tops adding to it. We are planning to make these out of pitch pine and was wondering if anyone knew of any old church pews that we could use to make them?  If you do, contact Ash here:

After completing the cockpit framing we then got back to work on the hull. In mid march we installed the aft section of the new keel. The next step was to build the forward section of the new keel which included building a new forefoot. We started this process by removing the old forefoot as pictured below.

After removing the forefoot,  we then had to build a new one using opepe offcuts from the keel. As we are adding an extra layer of planking to Growler we had to cut a thing called a double rabbet. A rabbet is where the planks connect to the keel. As there are two layers of planking , we had to cut two rabbets. Cutting this was a tricky process as we had to start completely from scratch with nothing to copy. The photo below shows the finished forefoot and forward section of the keel! Adding a second layer of planking and all the associated work with it has added a substantial amount of time to the project. However, we strongly believe that she would have had it originally  and it will create a much stronger vessel. 

The final step on the keel construction is to finish the rabbets on the keel using a special power plane which we will be collecting on 21st May. While we wait for this, with the last remaining planking boards we decided to start replanking the bottom which is so exciting. The photo below shows the first new bottom plank in. 
What's next?
We are off to the timber yard tomorrow to collect another load of larch boards for the new bottom planking. After we have done this, we will start installing the forward section of the new keel which is so exciting. Once the forward section of the keel is installed, we will start the the mammoth task of completing the hull planking. There are 33 planks to fit of all sizes! 

Thank you
As always, I want to thank you all, so much for supporting the project! I am overwhelmed by the support you have given me. A very special thank you to , Emma and Justin Dowley for providing us with a site for Growler, the Anderson family for providing mains power and the team at Burnham Overy boathouse for their constant advice and use of machinery.

The photo below shows Growler at Snape Maltings in 1990. She is the boat in the middle. Thank you to Adrian Dann for this photo.

Find out more about the conservation and plans for Growler, one of our Shipshape Network East Projects here.