Help refit the historic Charterhouse lifeboat, so that it can be proudly displayed at the West Wales Maritime Heritage Museum at Pembroke Dock.

100 years ago, Charterhouse and her crew were taken to London to be presented with medals by the Prince of Wales.  They had performed a daring and arduous rescue near Fishguard.  In fact, this was just one of many heroic rescues performed by Charterhouse and by the lifeboat service, which continues to save many lives each year.

The boat had an advanced design for its time.  It had a petrol engine, bouyancy tanks, and a hull designed to withstand a battering on the rocks.  Sails and oars were provided as a backup for the engine - just as well, for in the heavy seas and hurricane winds of the award-winning rescue, the engine gave out, the sails were ripped to shreds, and the crew had to row for many hours to make safe harbour.

Charterhouse has now found a home on the quayside at the West Wales Maritime Heritage Museum.  Currently, the boat is under wraps to protect it from the weather.  The team need to build robust a shelter - a strong roof on legs - to enable preservation work, to protect the old wood, and to make it easier for visitors to look around the boat and its fittings.

Your donation will help them tell the story of the lifeboat, to commemorate the bravery of the crew, and to tell about the work of lifeboats everywhere.  Visit their fundraising page here.

Find out more about Charterhouse and the West Wales Heritage Museum, one of our Shipshape Network Projects here.

Charterhouse lifeboat (c) Charterhouse Lifeboat Preservation Trust