RRS Discovery (c) RRS Discovery

Discovery Point & RRS Discovery have a rather unusual request today for all their Facebook supporters, especially those in and around Dundee.

Their boiler plant at Discovery Point is now 26 years old and needs replacing.  They have submitted an application for funding towards the cost of the replacement system, but the funder would like to see some evidence of community support for this work.

While this might not initially seem like the sort of project that would have much public impact, if their current unreliable boiler decides to stop working altogether it would mean a rather cold museum experience for visitors, especially during the winter months!  

The replacement boiler system is also the first step towards improving their environmental footprint – Dundee Heritage Trust already holds a Silver Green Tourism Award and they have exciting plans to make Discovery Point a much more eco-friendly building.

They'd be delighted therefore if as many of you as possible could show your support by simply liking their post on Facebook!  They would also love to see any additional words of support you may have and will add these to their funding application which, if successful, will help them maintain the 5-star visitor experience at Discovery Point.

They look forward to welcoming you back to Discovery Point and Verdant Works when the museums re-open after the current lockdown!


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