New for 2022 at Windermere Jetty Museum

For a truly unique experience, learn how to steam up our beautifully restored 1902 Edwardian Steam Launch Osprey, by our skilful team of Skippers.

Your ‘Steaming Up’ Experience on SL Osprey

 Get ready to get your hands dirty! Once you’ve donned your overalls, you’ll get stuck in, and become a Skipper for the day.

Onboard, safety is our priority, so the first job of the day will be to inspect the fire box and tubes to make sure it is safe to light. With that done, it’ll be time to get Osprey into steam. Your Skippers will show you how to create the perfect fire fit for this task. While the steam launch is getting up to pressure, you’ll have time to make sure this beautiful vessel is looking its best with a spot of brass cleaning.

With Osprey looking good as new, it will be time to get technical.  Alongside the Skipper you’ll learn all the essential safety checks, what all the different valves and gauges do, and the basic principles of how a steam engine works, as well as the importance of carefully monitoring your fire, water levels and steam pressure.  Theory complete, it will be time to oil up and slowly bring Osprey’s engine to life, which is a genuine Sissons of Gloucester Compound, manufactured early in the last century.

You’ll now be ready to put your newly learnt skills into practice under the watchful eye of our Skippers, as you head out to familiarise yourself with the boat and its unusual side steering wheel, before it’s your turn to take the helm for a trip out on the Lake!


  • ‘Steaming Up’ and bringing the genuine Sissons of Gloucester Compound engine of our beautifully restored 1902 Edwardian Steam Launch Osprey, to life.
  • A delicious Boatman’s Platter lunch in our lakeshore café.
  • Explore our museum which showcases historic vessels with tales of leisure, speed and adventure on Windermere. Steam launches, sailing yachts, motorboats and record-breaking speed boats are exhibited in the boathouse, on the water, and in our exhibition galleries, while our conservation workshop is a hub live of conservation and restoration work and offers the opportunity to get a glimpse behind the scenes.

Special requirements:

  •  Suitable clothing and footwear (overalls will be provided).

Cost: £250 

Book now by calling 01539 637940 or by email

Should you wish to purchase a voucher for someone to enjoy this experience, please use the same contact details for booking it.

Notes to passengers

  • The Steaming Up Experience designed for an individual and is not a group activity.
  • Boat trips are subject to adverse weather conditions, availability and may be restricted due to private events.
  • Assistance dogs only.
  • Our heritage boats are not accessible to wheelchair users.
  • We’re good to go! Read our Covid policy before you arrive.

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