This week, project manager, Mike Pratt has overseen the structure of the first Midship Section model. This model together with its mirror image serves two purposes. The first is to practice ancient woodworking techniques ready for the main ship's build and the other is to experiment with the internal furniture and rowing arrangement. Given that we are going to need at least three sets of oars built to different potential specifications we need to get these underway soon. Having the midship hull section in tact will allow us to put people in it and play with the length and weight of each oar before we go into production.

The wood for the midship planking has been identified and transported to Woodbridge. As you will see below each log needs to be manually split into half, quarter etc down to a 16th section ready to be worked into planking.

This time consuming activity creates quite a spectacle in the Longshed but is extremely hard work.

Identifying the Oak

King Ræadwald would have been spoilt for choice back in 600 but here in 2019, finding the right type of tree is proving to be a little more difficult. The wood needs to be as straight as possible with a minimum number branches, twists and turns. Even when you have selected an ideal specimen you can't be sure it will work until you split it.

Fifth Scale Model

Shipwright Tim Kirk and project manager John Cannon have been diligently interpreting the Sutton Hoo Ship's plans to start the production of a 5th scale model. This will provide the measurements needed for the main build.

Sponsor a Fixing

Hundreds of people have been kind enough to sponsor one of the ship's fixings. If you don't already have your own uniquely numbered rivet or you know someone who would like one for Christmas there is still plenty of time - Link to rivet sponsorship