34% of the fixings have now been sponsored and the team's aim is to reach 100% as soon as possible, so that all sponsors can follow their rivets being added to the reconstruction. 

They are continuing to build the midship sectional model which will help them to establish how to fit out the interior of the ship and experiment with rowing positions and types of oar.  The image below showing the frames for the midship model gives a good indication of the size of the hull.

Their other, fifth scale model, is continuing to challenge their understanding of Anglo-Saxon ship building but their Shipwrights and Crew Members are having a great time experimenting with different techniques to fathom things out.

They have now built the strongback structure needed to support the weight of the ship as it is being built and over the last month they have had several field trips to look at different sources of oak for the keel.  

Next Open Day is Sunday 8 March 2020

Volunteer for the Ship's Company

The Ship's Company welcome applications from volunteers wanting to help with the ship build but there are many other skills that they are short of including:

- someone to help them install and use Rhino
- someone to store oak offcuts while they season ready for making souvenirs
- people to learn about the project and become a Longshed Steward so they can have longer and more frequent opening hurs
- someone to help source merchandise
- and many other skills that can be seen on the application form

More information about volunteering can be found on the website - link

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