Update from Tall Ship Zebu, one of our Shipshape Network North West projects - 19th March 2020

The good news is - and good news is really needed just lately! - that we are progressing brilliantly with the new electrical and mechanical installations, and will be starting to test the electrical propulsion system by mid April - WATCH THIS SPACE.

Our short term goal is to head round on a short voyage to Port Penrhyn near Bangor, North Wales, where we feel this great small harbour will be a better safe haven for the ship and where we can also undertake more essential maintainance.

The bad and frustrating news is that due to the Covid-19 problem, we sadly have had to close Zebu to the general public/visitors where she is currently moored alongside in Canning Dock, Liverpool, until further notice. This also means that we are unfortunately also advising our wonderful volunteers to cancel their plans to come along and help for the time being unless we require really urgent help.

However, there is something that all the "friends of Zebu" like you, can do to help - and this really would be a huge cybernetic assistance even with "social distancing" (!) - and many of you already have, so THANK YOU!

We need as many individual support letters as we can get to help secure further funding for Zebu to help her and the team through a very challenging time a head. In the letter (for which there is a template linked below), which you can copy and paste into an email putting your name at the top and bottom of the email, you can even write an extra short comment on how Zebu  influenced your life, or how you got involved, or simply that you just enjoy following us! You can also print off this letter, sign it, scan it, and then send it back to us.
The link to the letter template is here.

The completed letter of support can either be sent to: support@tallshipzebu.org or info@tallshipzebu.org


Zebu (c) Tall Ship Zebu