Old paddle boards out & new paddle boards in!
Waverley paddle replacement (c) Waverley Excursions
Last week a full inspection of Waverley's massive paddle wheels was undertaken.  This showed that four floats require to be replaced as well as the leading float on each wheel which are due for replacement as a routine matter.

Each paddle wheel has eight wooden floats with each float being assembled from four individual timber boards.  Over time the boards do become damaged and require replacing.  The team were therefore very grateful to receive a recent donation towards their Covid-19 Relief Appeal for the sum of £480 to cover the cost of installing one of the new paddles (each of the timber boards cost £120). 
Waverley paddle replacement (c) Waverley Excursions
They have placed an order for 28 new boards in total which will also give them some spares should any need replacing during the sailing season, a bit like carrying a spare tyre for a car!  Look out for old paddle timber on sale at the Souvenir Shop this season. If anyone would like to purchase a complete old paddle board just get in touch with them directly. 

They are due to receive some new engine parts in the coming days.  These will then be fitted before they raise steam and start testing all the engine room equipment as they prepare for dry docking in April.  Next week the  funnel caps will be removed and then they can fire up both of the new boilers.

Deck repairs are also now underway with part of the port paddlebox being stripped.  Each year they will spend around £20,000 on deck repairs alone, this year that cost looks to be a little higher as repairs are needed to some of the wooden fittings.  Donations to the Covid appeal are helping to fund all of this vital work on Waverley.

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