For all our sail cargo customers – we're pleased to announce our 2020 sail cargo voyage is ON!
Over the winter, we have again been working with New Dawn Traders and the Blue Schooner Company, to ship a range of great products to London and Thames estuary ports, from sustainable producers in Colombia, the Caribbean, Portugal and France. For the first time this will include some staples of beans and pulses alongside the now well-established cargos of olive oil, wine, sea salt, coffee and chocolate that have proved popular with our growing band of supporters.
As a commitment to our dedicated producers and growers, to the crews sailing ships in these stormy times, and to the customers who want to show support for a new way of trading, this voyage continues, despite the lockdown.
The London arrival is scheduled for JULY 20th and ORDERS ARE NOW OPEN on our OPEN FOOD NETWORK shop. Collect from the ship (limited numbers may apply*), from local drop points (through our partner DropPoint), or receive home delivery in London.

* UPDATE RE: CORONA. We may need to control cargo collections if government guidance on social gatherings is still in place.

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In these uncertain times there is a strain in all of us to hunker down, wait for the storm to pass and the clouds to clear. But we also see a great and vital need to keep pressing on with our work on sail cargo, re-creating the terms of trade for a more resilient world, where we enjoy the bounty of the land without compromising the future or destroying the natural systems we depend on. That goes for both the way our food is produced and how we transport it. If anything, these efforts have only become more important as people around the world sense the fragility of the global economy we are bound within.

2020 Product Brochure

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