The Logbook

April 2020

Welcome to Sailing Tectona's monthly newsletter - The Logbook - where we share with you what we've been up to over the last month! 

Sailing Tectona aims to inpire positive change in people's lives by providing sail training experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds. We specialise in working with young people, as well as adults in recovery from mental health issues or drug and alchohol misuse. 

The Logbook March 2020 includes: 

  • COVID-19 Update 
  • Black Tar Roses Live
  • 2.6 Challenge 
  • Tectona and Olga Update

COVID-19 Coronavirus Update (1/5/20)

Over the last six weeks, COVID-19 has had a major impact on all of our lives. Along with everyone else, we at Sailing Tectona have had to completely change the way we work. At the moment, we are not sailing and we have stopped all face to face volunteering and activities. 

However, this does not mean that we have gone away or that our community spirit is any less! During this period of lockdown we have been running:
- weekly volunteer virtual catch ups,
- weekly live online nautical lessons,
- monthly virtual Tectona Ocean Recovery Club catch ups, 
and have been working together (but apart!) to complete the 2.6 Challenge!

We are also working hard applying for funding to get us through the financial impact of the Coronavirus. And at the same time, we are beginning to book up our 2021 season to ensure that both boats are sailing as much as possible next year! 

We are doing everything we can to support our community and ensure that Sailing Tectona weathers the storm and is sailing again as soon as it's safe and possible to do so.

We will continue to monitor the situation and to review and update our statement in line with Government guidelines and industry best practice. 

In the meantime, please do get involved with our online actvities through our social media channels. But most importantly; stay safe, look after yourselves and each other and please don't be a stranger - we are always here at the end of the phone or email.

Ben, Jen, Aidan and Emma 
For Sailing Tectona's full COVID-19 Coronavirus statement, please see here

Black Tar Roses - Live! 

Darren Long is a true Tectona legend! Darren first sailed on Tectona over 10 years ago and then worked his way up to becoming Tectona's first mate for five years. He and his wife, Sally, now have an amazing band called Black Tar Roses.  

Back in February, some of the Sailing Tectona community got the exciting opportunity to join Black Tar Roses in the recording studio! Together, they recorded a new song written by Darren called Plymouth Gin. The song will be part of a charity EP which Black Tar Roses is releasing to raise funds for Tectona

This is in memory of Dr Roger Crabtree, who with his wife Barbara turned Tectona, into the life changing vessel she is today - bringing hope, purpose and healing to people from all walks of life on her Recovery Voyages. 

Join Black Tar Roses this Sunday May 3rd at 6pm on their Facebook page for some live music and an exciting announcement! 
Black Tar Roses - Live!

2.6 Challenge

With the London Marathon being cancelled, the organisers launched the 2.6 Challenge as an alternative for dedicated individuals to fundraise for the worthwhile causes that they support. 

The challenge was simple - come up with any activity that involved the numbers 2.6 or 26 - and get your family and friends to sponsor you for your chosen charity! We had some truly incredible people doing some amazing 2.6 challenges - skipping for 26 minutes, sliding down a slide 26 times, sketching 2+6 boats and doing 26 silly things, to name but a few!  

The 2.6 Challenge really brought everyone together and we have been overwhelmed with the dedication, creativity and effort our supporters have put into their challenges. And on top of all of that, they have raised an amazing amount of money! As it stands the total raised so far is £3,349 which is truly fantastic.

If you would like to support the 2.6 Challenge there is still time! Please click below to see what people have been up to and to donate. Thank you!

2.6 Challenge

Tectona and Olga Update

Whilst Tectona and Olga are not sailing, they are safely moored up on their normal berth - alongside the concrete barge moorings in the Cattewater. near Mount Batten. 

This photo was taken by Ben as he travelled to check on Tectona and Olga early one morning! What a glorious sunrise!

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