The SS Explorer Preservation Society is taking part in the first online Summer STEM Academy, along with a number of other businesses and academic institutions.

The Academy normally runs for a few days in Glasgow and Edinburgh each year and provides and opportunity for Students and Teachers to take part in activities designed to make STEM learning and teaching more accessible.

This year, because of Covid-19, the Academy has moved online. However this means the Academy will reach many more students and teachers than it could with just the few days it normally runs for.

Students and Teachers from across the country are expected to take part, and interest has also been expressed from schools in other countries.

The SS Explorer Marine Engineering Challenge has several activities suitable for different age groups.

  • A basic boat building activity introducing students to bouyancy.
  • Using the Engineering design process cycle build a water sample collector
  • Write a program to operate the collector
  • Introduction water analysis and a density experiment.
  • The final activity, aimed at senior students introduces climate change and shipping.
    • It challenges students to design the most efficient boat they can, and test them against other groups designs.

The worksheet also highlights careers in both the merchant navy and heritage ships. You can find out more on their website blog here,

FInd out more about the SS Explorer Preservation Society, one of our Shipshape Network Scotland Projects here.

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