In their Golden Jubilee year of preservation, the Steam Tug Kerne Preservation Society would like to appeal to your generous nature and ask that you consider helping Kerne, not only to mark her 50th year of preservation, but to also thrive into the future.

In a normal year they would have attended maritime festivals and steam events around the North West as well as attending the Merseyside Maritime Museum in the interim, giving the team the opportunity to promote and educate about industrial and maritime history and the opportunity for their Friends and the general public to enjoy Kerne.

Unfortunately the Covid pandemic has denied us this and, as a consequence, the organisation’s funds are currently somewhat diminished.

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Deck plate replacement

  • Hull frame and plate replacement

  • Wheelhouse rebuild

  • Boiler stay tube replacement

Your donations, however small, will contribute to her upkeep so that she goes on to fascinate future generations as they experience this working example of the age of steam and window to our maritime past. Thank you.

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