Following our new community orientated direction, Heather and Ed wanted to officially enshrine Tiller & Wheel as a not-for-profit organisation.

This allows them to emphasise their commitment to their cause and provide reassurance to those who are supporting them that their money is going where it counts.

Having sent off the forms two weeks ago, yesterday the confirmation came through - they are now officially Tiller & Wheel CIC! 

CIC stands for 'Community Interest Company' - an asset-locked company with a community mission.

Winter is not officially here yet but they are already greatly looking forward to next year's sailing season.  To all those who have chosen to support us through Patreon so far, your contributions have made a big difference over the past couple of months. 

They can now begin the process of giving a little back, so, to all you 3rd Hands, Hufflers, Mates and Skippers, the schedule is exclusively available to you to book until the New Year.

Find out more about Tiller & Wheel CIC and our other Shipshape Network South East Projects here.

Edith May (c) NHS-UK