The latest news from Waverley Excursions - 21st April 2020

Waverley's Refit on Schedule at End of March - Now Slowing -

The new port boiler being lowered into Waverley

Waverley’s two new boilers were fitted in the first few days of April, completing a major refit milestone.

Each boiler, weighing 21 tonnes apiece, was gently lowered into position on Waverley and securely bolted to its hull mountings.

What should have been moments for celebration were muted by social distancing, against the sombre background of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Work to complete the steam installation and to rebuild the boiler room is continuing, but at a much-reduced pace due to the many consequences of the pandemic restrictions.  Electrical installation has paused completely for the same reasons.

The timing of the tightly-managed project that aimed to return Waverley to passenger service in June 2020 has now become hard to predict.

What is certain, with her two new boilers, new generators and new switchboards now in place, and her annual drydocking now complete - Waverley will steam again!

Waverley's new boilers sit side by side, after being lowered into the boiler room in early April. 

Waverley's 2020 Season

We understand how the friends, supporters and loyal customers of Waverley have been looking forward to the 2020 sailing programme, and just to know that Waverley is sailing once more. So, we want to be honest with you.

The uncertainty due to the pandemic, especially relating to social gathering, means we don’t know whether we can welcome passengers on board in 2020.  We are keeping plans under constant review and waiting to see how and when government guidance evolves.

Be assured the complete Waverley team is working hard to return Waverley to service and looks forward to welcoming passengers back aboard. As soon as a plan becomes possible or if we get to the point where it’s simply not feasible, we’ll let you know quickly.

At present, the question of a 2020 season is still open. 

Waverley pictured in dry dock during her recent visit. 

2020 Sailing Passes & Go Anywhere Vouchers

Thank you to those members of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society (PSPS) who have purchased their 2020 Sailing Passes and/or Go Anywhere Vouchers recently. 

Given the current uncertainty on when the 2020 season may begin, we would kindly ask that you retain your passes and vouchers at this time.  We will issue further information with regards to your options once we have firm plans for the season.  

Friends of Waverley - Supporting Waverley through Regular Giving -

We ask you to consider becoming a Friend of Waverley and help ensure Waverley's continued operation by giving a small fixed monthly donation. 

From as little as £5.20 per month (to match Waverley’s engine number!) you can help safeguard Waverley’s future.

As a Friend of Waverley, you will:

  • Receive a biannual “The Funnel” e-newsletter giving the latest Waverley news with reports on the sailing season and winter refit work
  • Receive a small token of recognition
  • Take pride and satisfaction in knowing you are helping to support our work to preserve a unique piece of our maritime heritage allowing future generations to experience Waverley.

We suggest a monthly donation amount which relates to Waverley:

520 Friend

Donate £5.20 a month to match Waverley’s engine number.  As a token of recognition, you will receive an exclusive Friends of Waverley pen.

1330 Friend

Donate £13.30 a month to match Waverley’s yard number when built.  As a token of recognition, you will receive an exclusive Friends of Waverley bound notebook.

1947 Friend

Donate £19.47 per month to mark the year of Waverley’s maiden voyage.  As a token of recognition, you will receive an exclusive mounted print of Waverley.

Click here to set up your Direct Debit. Please note when entering your monthly donation that the minimum to become a Friend of Waverley is £5.20.

For further Friends of Waverley information, please click here.  Thank you for your support. 

Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of sailing aboard the last seagoing paddle steamer in the World. Invite your friends, family and colleagues to experience the sight, sound and thrill of travelling on a magnificent steamship.

Presented in a Waverley Gift Card - Gift Vouchers are available in denominations of £5, £10 & £20, and can be redeemed against any sailing or used onboard Waverley at the bars, restaurant & souvenir shop. All Gift Vouchers are now valid until October 2022.

Gift Vouchers can be purchased via our online shop.

Waverley's Online Shop

Waverley’s online Shop has a wide range of exclusive souvenirs and gifts including clothing, books, home-wares, DVDs and limited edition items. Every purchase from our shop helps support Waverley.

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The Society that saved Waverley

The PSPS is Britain's longest established, largest and most successful steamship preservation group which has provided almost £3.7 million to keep Waverley sailing.

New members are welcome to join the registered charity online today.  All PSPS members receive a free copy of Paddle Wheels magazine every 3 months with Waverley articles and news.

Visit the PSPS website to view the picture report on Waverley's recent dry docking. 

Donate to Waverley

Donations to Waverley can be one off or monthly by Direct Debit as a Friend of Waverley.  All donations, large or small, are greatly appreciated and will help ensure that Waverley continues to operate.  You can donate online

Paddle Steamer Waverley is owned by a registered charity and operated on a not-for-profit basis in association with the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society. 


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