About the Ipswich Maritime Trust

The Ipswich Maritime Trust is a local charity that came to life following the Maritime Ipswich 82 celebrations.  They were formed at a time when the Wet Dock was in decline and their original aim was to find ways to help bring the Wet Dock, now the Waterfront back to life, something largely achieved over the last 35 years.

The Trust arranged the Sail Ipswich event in 1997 which was the beginning of the now ever popular Ipswich Maritime Festivals.  Ipswich Maritime Trust continues to support Ipswich Borough Council with this event. 

Today their principal aim is to protect and promote the astonishing maritime history and heritage of Ipswich and the River Orwell, that reaches right back to the 7th Century.

They encourage and support a wide range of educational activities for all ages, including support for other local maritime charities such as Sea Change Sailing Trust.

They also maintain their own Window Museum on Albion Quay near Dance East on the Waterfront which is open 24/7 365 days a year.  They are always looking for passionate volunteers to help look after Ipswich’s maritime heritage and could not function without them or a growing body of members.
Ipswich Maritime Trust Window Museum (c) IMT

Ipswich Maritime Trust Window Museum (c) IMT

What They Do

  • They work to promote the maritime history of Ipswich and Suffolk, through their Window Museum, research, lectures and local partnerships.  Over the last 35 years they have developed an ever-growing collection of local maritime artefacts which they display within their Window Museum and at exhibitions and events across Ipswich.  They also work in close collaboration with organisations such as the Sailing Barge Research Association, Ipswich Borough Council, Ipswich Museums and Art Galleries, Associated British Ports, the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships, University of Suffolk, Ipswich Society and many more to engage people with the extraordinary stories of Ipswich maritime past.
  • They encourage and support a wide range of educational activities for all ages, to engage with activities on the water, including support for other local maritime charities such as the Sea Change Sailing Trust, Adventures Offshore and many more.  Through financial support they also help young sailors with the cost of competing at national and international level and obtaining sailing experience; this also extends to supporting disadvantaged groups with access to maritime activities.
  • They support local historic vessels and local maritime causes; this includes campaigning to maintain navigation rights and access to the historic heart of Ipswich, St Peters Dock.  With this they hope that it will become a #HeritageHarbour and a key part of Ipswich’s ongoing maritime heritage and become part of the new and improved entrance to the waterfront.

Latest News

September 2020 Maritime Memoir Project launched - The Maritime Memoir Project aims to save and secure the multitude of stories of Maritime Ipswich now more than ever in a variety of formats.  Full story here.

June 2020 The Trust is pleased to announce their first sailing onboard the historic sailing barge Victor will take place on 9th July.

Find out more about Ipswich Maritime Trust on their website here

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