The Team at Sailing Tectona

Sailing Tectona CIC is a non-profit organisation that provides sail training opportunities for people of all ages and from all backgrounds.  They work with all groups of people including youth groups, school groups and adults in recovery from mental health issues and substance mis-use. Sailing Tectona’s core team are a group of people that love what they do and have a real passion for sharing what they do with others.

They run two traditional sailing boats that are very different in size, layour and history - Tectona and Olga.

Their voyages allow individuals to become an efficient sailing team through the process of taking a boat to sea.  Teamwork, communication and resilience are all developed daily whilst hoisting sails, navigating and living onboard.  These skills often allow people to make positive changes in their lives after the voyage.

About Olga

Olga under sail (c) Swansea Museum
Olga under sail (c) Swansea Museum

In July 2019 the 110-year old Olga is under an innovative five-year partnership agreement that sees the historic Swansea Council-owned boat loan her to Sailing Tectona CIC.

Olga is a beautiful original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter that was built for racing out to big ships in 1909.  This means that she is sleek and fast, despite her age!  She is laid out almost exactly as she would have been originally, both on deck and down below.  On deck she has a big tiller for steering and everything to control her sails is manual.  This means everyone on board needs to work together to get Olga sailing to the best of her ability.

About Tectona

Tectona (c) Sail Training International
Tectona (c) Sail Training International

Tectona was built in 1928, is sold teak and extremely seaworthy - so seaworthy that in the past she safely sailed across the stormiest of oceans.  The layout of the sails means she is easy to handle and perfect for learning. She has a hand worked windlass for pulling up the anchor which can only be done as a team.

On deck, there is a big wheel and everyone who comes sailing gets a chance to learn how to steer. There is also a charthouse on deck - affectionately known as the shed - where all the navigating is done from.
About the Tectona Trust

Tectona Trust is the parent charity to Sailing Tectona CIC.  Tectona Trust provides financial support for those in Recovery so that they can undertake a voyage with Sailing Tectona.

The Trust's project 'Voyages of Recovery 2019' was supported by the People's Project (National Lottery Community Fund).


May 2022 Sailing Tectona CIC have been awarded £5,000 from Sail Training International's Youth Development Fund. The money will fund their “Youth Mental Health Bristol Voyage” project.  Full story

January 2021 Sailing Tectona has established a new membership scheme - Friends of Tectona and Olga (FOTO) to bring together people interested in supporting two of Britain's historic and traditional sailing vessels Tectona and Olga - find out how to join and what they've been up to these last few months!  

November 2020 Sailing Tectona CIC has been selected as one of Co-op's local community fund projects. 

November 2020 Sailing Tectona CIC has been awarded £33,700 from the Government's Culture Recovery Fund (second round).

To find out more, visit Sailing Tectona's website.

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