The Scottish Fisheries Museum is a national museum which tells the story of the Scottish fishing industry, its boats, harbours and communities. As a Shipshape Scotland Hub, the museum offers a range of activities and services available to local historic vessel owners, skilled craftsmen, businesses, heritage organisations, training bodies and maritime enthusiasts.

The museum has a large collection of vessels, three of which are listed as part of the National Historic Fleet: Reapera restored Fifie sailing herring drifter; Research, the sole surviving large zulu, a first class herring drifter; and ring net boat Lively Hope. Other vessels within the collation are included in the National Small Boat Register.


Find out more about the Scottish Fisheries Museum and the conservation of their extensive vessel collection. 

What is a Shipshape Network Hub

NHS-UK have partnered with maritime heritage organisations across the UK to act as Shipshape Network Hubs for their region. Hubs are ambassadors that aim to bring businesses and individual vessel projects together. Hubs carry out Network-related projects, supports the sector and helps attract funds, giving advice to Network members.

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Hub Services and Activities 

Sharing knowledge and expertise – offering advice and guidance to anyone undertaking conservation projects or funding applications 

Creating connections – working with organisations across Scotland and the wider Network

Hosting workshops - conservation, boat building, volunteering and training workshops for local projects, companies and vessel owners

Network events - fostering links across the region 

Representing Shipshape Scotland – championing Scotland's maritime heritage at local and national events

Attracting investment - working with local partners to sustain our maritime heritage 

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Latest News

The Scottish Fisheries Museum - January 2022 Newsletter. 

The latest news from our Shipshape Scotland Hub. Read here.

Shipshape Hub for Scotland recipients of AIM’s New Stories New Audiences funding.

This new project will use the compelling human and natural history of the Firth of Forth to engage new audiences with Scotland’s stunning marine heritage – and to inspire them to protect its future.

One Story, Two Audiences, Three Eras:

  1. Past (fascinating stories from the Forth and its islands)
  2. Present (the plight of the seabird colonies)
  3. Future (what it will look like if we do – and don’t – act to protect it)

The stories will be told via a range of engagement activities including storytelling via images, talks and images; co-creating stories with target audiences; touring exhibition and events.

Read here. 

The Scottish Fisheries Museum completes £1 million Reaper Conservation Project

Following a £1million conservation, the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Anstruther, Fife, is set to welcome visitors back onboard the iconic ‘Fifie’ Reaper, the last of the great First Class Scottish Herring Luggers and a ‘Rare Survivor’ from the golden age of sail.

Find out more here.

Scottish Fisheries awarded Digital Innovation and Engagement Fund from the Museums Association

The Museums Association, in collaboration with the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), have awarded the Scottish Fisheries Museum and Digital Innovation and Engagement Fund for their photographic archive project.

Using the power of digital connection, the Scottish Fisheries Museum Trust will reveal the stories caught within their photographic archive. This 12-month project will crowd-source information and data to produce a newly digitised nationally-significant photographic archive.

Find out more here.

Launch of Scottish Fisheries Museum as the Scotland Hub

On 2nd June, NHS-UK launched the Scottish Fisheries Museum as the Hub for the Scotland region of the Shipshape Network! 

The virtual launch took place across the NHS-UK and Scottish Fisheries Museum social media channels, with posts discussing the museum’s role as a hub, their collection and research library, skills training, and conservation projects. 

Hear Curator Linda Fitzpatrick explain what makes the museum so unique: 

Hannah Cunliffe, Director of National Historic Ships UK, said: 'The four new Shipshape hubs will act as our ambassadors on the ground, promoting our conservation principles and bringing together external maritime projects to form a local nucleus.  As we enter the second decade of the Shipshape Network, I'm excited to be working in partnership with these organisations to ensure we keep alive the traditional skills and infrastructure which our historic vessels rely on' 

During the launch we heard about how Scottish Fisheries are passionate about keeping alive the traditional skills required to maintain and operate their historic vessels. Find out more here: 

Follow the hashtags #ShipshapeNetworkScotland #HubLaunch across our social media channels to revisit the launch and find out more about how the Scottish Fisheries Museum can support your historic vessel projects in the Scotland region. 


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