About us

The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative (CDPI) is a non-profit research, networking and advocacy social enterprise concerned with the protection and promotion of maritime heritage along the River and Firth of Clyde. The mission of CDPI is to promote the maritime heritage of the River Clyde as something that is evolving and relevant in a modern context. We aim to promote the idea that heritage is as much about current and future events/activity as it is about history.

We see heritage in a much broader context than history and museums, which are only a part of the picture. Heritage is a legacy from past traditions as well as what we create now and pass on to future generations. This means looking at issues of contemporary and emergent culture, activity, innovation, new technology and sustainable development.


At one time a fifth of all ships afloat in the world were built and launched on Scotland’s River Clyde. “Clyde-built” was a world-renowned mark of engineering skill and elite craftsmanship. Glasgow was (and in many peoples’ hearts and minds still is) synonymous with shipbuilding.

Now there is little trace left of the industries that shaped the river and the City of Glasgow. While other maritime regions and rivers have seen positive transformation after the loss of industry, The Clyde has become a mere shadow of its former glory. What we see is a lack of joined-up thinking along the Clyde and between its local authority areas to develop the full potential of the River and Firth of Clyde for culture, recreation, tourism and new industry.

We want to help turn that around and promote the potential of the Clyde as a hub of diverse vibrant activity fit for the 21st Century!


Our bespoke information research and photography services are developed with maritime, marine and environmental related organisations and community groups in the Clyde region in mind.

We offer discounted rates for charities and community groups. 

Any profits we make are reinvested in our mission to promote the living maritime heritage of the Clyde region. 


Govan Graving Docks

The graving dock site has been described by Historic Scotland as “An outstanding graving dock complex without parallel in Scotland”.

With the planning decision imminent and exciting new proposals from Ferguson Marine to bring Govan Graving Docks back into use for ship repair, CDPI have handed over our direct role relating to Govan Graving Docks to the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust charity. This will free CDPI up to also focus on our wider strategic objectives as a research, networking and advocacy organisation concerned with the wider dimension of maritime and heritage protection on the Clyde.

CDPI would like to acknowledge the immense support that our campaign to save Govan’s historic graving docks has received since it started with only a small petition in 2014. 

CDPI will continue to look at the Govan docks as a research case study and you can read more about the project on our website.

Guided walks

Join us for a guided walk from Water Row in Govan to the historic A-listed graving docks.

  • Hear about some of the story of the post-industrial riverside, Govan’s historic dry docks and the campaign to save them
  • See where cattle once crossed the river, where kings were once crowned and mighty ships once launched
  • See where modern maritime industry could transform the prospects of Govan

For more information about dates and times of guided walks and to book your place, please refer to our Eventbrite booking page.

Clyde cranes