Ulster Maritime Heritage (UMH) is a new organisation, which was due to be launched earlier in 2020. Alas the impact of Covid-19 has delayed its full public presentation, but the core objectives are set out here.

Ulster Maritime Heritage’s vision is to be recognised as the leading ‘go to’ body for supporting and promoting Ulster’s rich maritime heritage. It aims to be a representative maritime voice that facilitates a coordinated programme of events, training and support, whilst building a record of maritime heritage assets.

The organisation’s geographical coverage includes the six Counties of Northern Ireland and adjacent Counties in the Republic of Ireland.

The Strategic Goals of UMH are to:

  • Establish a sustainable entity with a clear brand and sector representative role;
  • Co-ordinate marketing of projects, events and central listing of maritime heritage organisations;
  • Identify, preserve and protect maritime heritage;
  • Provide training, skills and support to UMH members.

There are a number of Purposes of the organisation - to:

  • Support the sector by providing a forum for the maritime sector to come together and connect, (and to gain from economies of scale);
  • Improve communications and provide a voice for the sector;
  • Provide leadership and help share and capture knowledge;
  • Reduce duplication and increase sector co-ordination;
  • Engage with the public, under a recognisable unified brand;
  • Identify, record and preserve maritime heritage;
  • Celebrate and promote maritime heritage, and deliver events;
  • Preserve boat building and associated craft and skills.

The acting secretary of Ulster Maritime Heritage can be contacted at rmasefield@hotmail.com.

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