Name: Christopher Wren

  • Commercial Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean - 200 ton
  • MCA Class IV Yachtmaster Modules completed - 3000 ton
  • Higher National Diploma Marine Engineering

Experienced as Captain in Holland, England, France, Spain, Portugal, The Azores, The Canaries, Madeira, Gibraltar, Italy, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Poland, New Zealand, Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu.

Has sailed over 1 million nautical miles.

Sailed as Captain or Captain/Engineer on sailing and motor yachts of both high speed and heavy displacement types built of steel, wood, GRP, aluminium, composite construction, Kevlar and ferro-cement. Have also extensively sailed traditionally rigged vessels with up to 46 crew and been involved in supervising and coordinating new builds and extensive refits.

2018: Captain of ‘Royal Helena' - 54m barquentine and 'Atyla'.
2019: Captain of 'Rights of Man', 'Brian Boru' and 'Volharding'

Telephone: +44 (0)7967 147603 

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Crew Bank