Britannia Sailing Trust in Devon is restoring the 106 year old sailing ship Britannia.  They are looking for volunteers to help them manage the project, keep the public informed, help with social media and help plan and hold fundraising events and campaigns.  The Trust runs almost exclusively on volunteer labour, so by working with them you will help ensure that Britannia is ready to be relaunched in April 2022. 

There are a variety of jobs that need doing, which could be combined into a single role or separated into multiple roles, depending on you skills and preference. These are:

Online media content (taking nice pictures of the boat, writing blogs, website and account management)

Fundraising (both online grant applications and in-person fundraising social events such as parties and shanty performances)

Accounts and book-keeping (this would be really helpful)

Public outreach (liaising with schools, universities and other charities to bring Britannia to the people who need her most and engage the public with maritime heritage).

Graphic design (posters, business cards, merchandise, etc.)

Depending on which role or role combination you are interested in, 3 years experience in the relevant skills is ideal.  You should also have a good sense of humour and ideally a prior interest in or connection to sailing, maritime history or traditional wooden boats (though this is not an absolute requirement).

This is an interesting opportunity to get to understand the inside workings of a traditional sailing ship and how they are built, maintained and managed.  Lots of time can be spent with the ship, getting to know her inside out, and there may be future opportunities to come sailing on her, for long term volunteers. 

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Job type Voluntary Remuneration Voluntary Job location South West