As the lockdown is eased we are looking forward to work restarting on Medway Queen’s fitting out and a return of visitors on Saturdays. No dates are confirmed yet as all depends on the pandemic and the easing of the statutory precautions but, needless to say, their Management Committee and the volunteers are eager to get back!

The Trustees and other members of the Management Committee are giving thought to the 2021 programme which should include making the ship available as a venue for hire; catering for meetings, parties etc. An outline of the work planned is on Medway Queen’s website. Again all is Covid dependent but they want to be ready. These thoughts have led to an assessment of our organisation and we know we’ll need extra help in all areas.

Volunteers for the workshop and tour guides for Saturday opening are always wanted and welcome. In addition they have identified some specific organisational vacancies. All are voluntary positions, although pre-authorised expenses may be claimed at cost. In this voluntary context the exact job descriptions and areas of responsibility are negotiable to suit both the candidate and the Management Committee.

All volunteers are expected to become members of MQPS if they have not already joined.

Treasurer Ultimately a Trustee position, to take responsibility for management of the MQPS financial matters including financial control and reporting. Heading fund-raising campaigns will also be an important part of the brief. MQPS currently hire a contracted book-keeper on an “as needed” hourly basis and this is expected to continue. It is envisaged that a new appointee will be co-opted to the management committee while he/she gets to know the role and the society with a move to formal Trustee as and when the candidate and existing Trustees agree that is appropriate. The position requires an appropriate employment background, a knowledge of charity finance requirements and an ability to attend the ship or office on a fairly frequent (at least weekly) basis. Management meetings are currently held monthly on a Monday.

Anyone interested is invited to contact the Medway Queen Preservation Society on 01634 575717 or by email on

Other voluntary roles are also available, please click on the PDF link below for full details.

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