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33 ft

1000 ft

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1 m

1000 m

Seascamp - under sail, port view

Registered, built 1936 by Abeking & Rasmussen, Bremen

X24 on display


Registered, built 1943 by Marshall, Sons and Co Ltd, Gainsborough

Challenge in Steam

National Historic Fleet, built 1931 by Hall, Alexander & Company Ltd, Aberdeen.

Steam Cutter 26 - at the Maritime Workshop?

Registered, built 1910 by Rowhedge Iron Works Co Ltd, Rowhedge

CARETTA during refit

Registered, built 1898 by Admiralty, Devonport

Firefay at Lymington 2009

Registered, built 1922 by Fife, William & Son, Fairlie

Amanda Jane - port side

Registered, built 1933 by Dickie, A M & Sons Ltd, Tarbert

ST1502 starboard bow view

Registered, built 1942 by British Power Boat Co Ltd. Hythe