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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

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1 m

1000 m

ST AUSTELL (right) and motor boat CHISWICK (left) - at Langley Mill near Nottingham. Stern looking forward.

Archived, built 1942 by Harris Brothers, Netherton

Challenge after dry docking

Registered, built 1958 by Macduff Engineering, Macduff

Gularis - port side

National Historic Fleet, built 1938 by Staniland & Co, Thorne

METEOR -  in dry dock at Langley Mill for refit and repaint. Bow looking aft. Ref: Assoc Docs (9)

Archived, built 1935 by Harland & Wolff Ltd, Woolwich

A day on Sonning

Registered, built 1902 by Salter Brothers Ltd, Oxford

Delhi - as Water Viper

Registered, built 1929 by Yarwood, W J & Sons Ltd, Northwich

Ril Elsie, Castle barge pub

Registered, built 1923 by Scarr, Henry Ltd, Hessle

Jean Adair in boatyard undergoing timber repair work to hull

Registered, built 1949 by Palmer, A, Portavogie

Hopalong Sailing

Registered, built 1933 by Silver, James A Ltd, Rosneath