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Ethel von Brixham - under sail

Archived, built 1890 by Upham, J W & A, Brixham

Kenya Jacaranda - flying the fleet ensign

National Historic Fleet, built 1923 by Jackman, R & Sons, Brixham

In Newlyn

Registered, built 1955 by Unknown

starboard side view

Archived, built 1911 by Sanders & Co, Galmpton

Little Mint - starboard side

Registered, built 1913 by Pearce, Richard, East Looe

Pilgrim -  relaunched on 30 Aug 2011 leaving dry dock and towed to a mooring at the mouth of Old Mill Creek on the river Dart (above Dartmouth).

National Historic Fleet, built 1895 by Upham, J W & A, Brixham

Vigilance - starboard side

National Historic Fleet, built 1926 by Upham, J W & A, Brixham

Regard - starboard side

Registered, built 1933 by Upham, J W & A, Brixham

Leader at sail 2019

National Historic Fleet, built 1892 by Gibb, A W, Galmpton