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Length (Imperial)

33 ft

1000 ft

Length (Metric)

1 m

1000 m

Pilkington - stern, deck

Archived, built 1900 by Wright, Peter

bow view

Registered, built 1901 by Stoba, William, Fleetwood

ALBION - under sail, stern view of the starboard quarter looking forward. Ref: Assoc Docs (3/albion.gif)

Registered, built 1906 by Crossfield, William & Sons, Arnside

At berth. Starboard side view

Registered, built 1937 by Crossfield Brothers, Conway

Helen II - build of dedicated compound & shelter

Registered, built 1910 by Crossfield, William & Sons, Arnside

Laura - under sail, post refit 2019 (c) Michael Leahy

Registered, built 1908 by Crossfield, William & Sons, Arnside

Provider - starboard side

Registered, built 1904 by Stoba, William, Fleetwood

Bow facing

Registered, built 1904 by Liver and Wilding, Fleetwood